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Xiaomi Jeeback Electronic Moxibustion

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Xiaomi Jeeback Electronic Moxibustion Instrument Smokeless Moxibustion Acupuncture Massagae Physiotherapy Heating Ttiming

Stylishly Designed Magnetic Base
Charges Both Heating Elements Simultaneously
The transparent charging base is not only beautiful and simple, but also occupies remarkably little counter space while it charges its two heating elements simultaneously. Take it on business trips, to the gym, or display its award-winning design on your office desk as a stylish accessory.

Provides a Plethora of Benefits for All Sorts of People
*For Seniors
Show your parents you care with a therapeutic device that soothes the nerves and calms the senses

*For Office-aholics
Staying up late hunched over at a desk takes its toll on the body. Moxibustion can bring a focus back to the body and to health.

*For Athletes
This ancient Chinese medicine technique is renowned for its ability to help muscles recover and to relax the spirit.

*For Women
Relieve menstrual cramps, help postpartum recovery, and soothe the senses.

3 Modes to Choose From
*Comfort Mode
Suitable for people who often stay up late and want a holistic method for lulling themselves into a sleep-ready state

Indicator light: white
Temp. = ~50℃

*Thermotherapy Mode
Suitable for those with more sedentary habits, like students and office workers.

Indicator light: blue
Temp. = ~60℃

*Hyperthermic Mode
Suitable for athletes and those who practice high-intensity sports.
Indicator light: red
Temp. = ~70℃


Step 1
Pull off the non-stick paper covering the adhesive side of the moxibustion pellet sticker

Step 2
Gently place the moxibustion sticker along the chosen acupressure meridian or muscle in need of relief

Step 3
Long press the M2’s power button to turn on, and give a short press to select your preferred mode

3 modes for smart, constant, consistent temperature control and a non-invasive, non-destructive infusion of moxa essence:

*Controlled temperatures
*Controlled therapy times
*Protection from overheating
*No open flame
*Smart heat dissipation
*Built-in lithium battery
*Work wirelessly
Easy to use in the metro or office or anywhere els
Both Heating Elements Can Be Charged Simultaneously
stylish accessory.
3-Year Aged, High-Quality Mugwort Pellets