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EraClean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner XC01

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RM 219.00
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RM 219.00
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RM 329.00
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1 Months warranty 

EraClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter, Humanized One Click Dust-Emptying, 1.18lbs/12.4L Inches, Portable for Cleaning Car Home Kitchen Pet Dust Hair, USB Type C Rechargeable.

1. One-Button Dust-Emptying – Compared with the traditional rotating method, our humanized design gives you more convenience to your cleaning work and keeping your hands clean. Just press the button and the dust collection cup lid will automatically pops open.

2. Suction Modes – Cordless Cleaner with power up to 6000pa at strong mode and 4000pa at long-lasting mode. Rechargeable with USB Type C Cable, simply connect to any USB port to charge anywhere in your home.

3. HEPA Filter/2 Heads Accessories - Washable and Durable HEPA Filter that is very quick and easy to clean. Also comes with flat nozzle head and a brush head accessory so you can easily clean your laptop, car or in between the sofa cushions.

4. Capacity:120mL - Charge Duration:4.5 hours - Running Time:4000Pa/15Mins, 6000Pa/10Mins