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Roidmi Multi-Surface Deodorizing Cleaning Solution for Roidmi Eve Plus / Roidmi EVA (1000ml)

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Floor cleaning fluid

Main ingredients: Plan Surfactant, Detergent builder, nano osmotic factor, active antibacterial factor, fragrance, deionized water

Usage scenarios: Efficiently clean a variety of hard surfaces, such as: 

1) Vitrified tiles, glazed tiles, and mosaic tiles; 

2) Common hard floors such as marble and terrazzo.

3) Laminate floor, varnished log floor, plastic floor, and other floor-surfaces.

Features: Deep adaptation to the device, Multi-surface suitable to apply , efficient degreasing and decontamination ; skin-friendly, non-toxic and non-irritating, does not hurt the ground, do not hurt the hands,  

99.9% effective against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus.

How to use: A bottle of cap cleaning solution has a capacity of about 40ml,  to dilute it in the ratio of 1 (cleaning fluid): 200 (water) and add it to the water tank for use.

Specific operation: 

Before use, take the cleaning solution and pour it into the clean water tank.

Fill the clean water tank with clean water, and shake (or stir) slightly until it is uniform.

Follow the instructions to start the device for cleaning.

In case of stubborn stains, the amount of cleaning solution can be appropriately increased.

Storage conditions: sealed and stored in a cool and ventilated place

avoid direct sunlight, avoid contact with strong oxidants, etc. 


Avoid contact with eyes, rinse with water if it gets into eyes accidentally; avoid swallowing; do not mix with other cleaning agents, chemicals, and medicines; keep cleaning liquids out of reach of children.