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Roborock DYAD U10 Mopping Vacuum Cleaner

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RM 1,789.00
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RM 1,899.00
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Roborock DYAD U10 is an intelligent dual-brush suction, mopping and washing integrated self-cleaning scrubber. One machine can replace a variety of cleaning tools, and it can clean the  water stains, oil stains, jams, and dust on the floor in one swipe. Achieve full coverage of the ground cleaning. Match the appropriate cleaning intensity, quickly absorb the sewage, ensure the ground is clean and fresh, and care for the health of the family. Self cleaning double roller brush can completely fit the corners of the walls and achieve edges of the furniture. Bring you a relaxing and elegant cleaning experience, enjoy a relaxed life, a good assistant at home!


- Dual hybrid brush, 100% full ground coverage

- Three modes adjusted to three usage scenarios

- Full OLED Display to show run time

- Infrared Smartly sensing the dirt and debris in real time

- Automatically adjust the suction and water flow

- 304 Stainless steel scrubber to clean dirty water from the brush

- 180° brush rotation to reach the edges of furniture, sofas, under the bed

- User friendly Voice Prompts

- Self cleaning function keeps hands away from sewage and debris

- Huge clean water tank (850ml), no need frequently refill the water tank, can mop more rooms


180 degree freedom floor brush

Dual roller brush

Suction: 13000Pa

3 Modes : Max / Standard / Auto

Clean Water Tank: 850ml

Dirty Water Tank: 600ml

Area Coverage: 280sqm

99.99% bacteria removal

Noise 78dB

Battery: 5000mAh

Power: 260W

Runtime: 35mins

Charging Time: 4hrs

Size: 1112x270x191mm

Weight: 5.1KG


1 x Handheld handle

1 x Main Frame 

1 x Charging adapter 

1 x HEPA Filter

1 x Brush Cleaner 

1 x Charging Storage 

We reserve that right to refuse warranty if product has been abused or damaged due to improper care. We may refuse warranty if item was found out to be:

•    Water damaged. 

•    Bending on the chassis.

•    Excessive and unnatural wear.

•    Overcharging / Lightning strike.

•    Sealed broken / Serviced by unauthorized technician.

•    Battery lifespan end

** please do not wash the water tank, just use wet tissue to wipe it only