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Portable Lightweight MG-203 Massage Gun Fascia Gun | neck massager

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RM 119.00
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RM 119.00
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RM 199.00
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Upgrade Your Massage Experience:

With its four upgraded professional massage heads, this fascia gun delivers powerful performance and excellent value for money. The AI technology behind it ensures a massage that stimulates and rejuvenates your muscles like never before. The massage heads included in the professional master kit, such as the ball-shaped head, air head, bullet head, and U-shaped head, cater to various muscle groups, allowing even beginners to perform professional massage techniques, including acupressure.

Features and Specifications:

- Power Supply and Battery Life: Enjoy approximately 8 hours of continuous use thanks to the long-lasting battery.

- Massage Intensity: The massage gun offers a force equivalent to approximately 15kg, providing deep and effective massage therapy.

- Speed Adjustment: Choose from 6 adjustable frequencies for a personalized massage experience.

- Turbo Power: Equipped with an imported high-speed turbine engine, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

- Battery Capacity: 2400mAh for prolonged use.

- Protective Measures: Includes charging and discharge protection mechanisms for enhanced safety.

- Charging: Supports Type-C fast charging for quick and convenient replenishment.

Advanced Technologies:

1. Four Massage Heads: Each head corresponds to different muscle groups, enabling targeted massage therapy even for beginners.

2. 15kg Massage Intensity: The lightweight 450g body of the gun delivers powerful strokes without compromising portability.

3. 6-Speed Frequency Adjustment: Easily switch between frequencies with a single hand.

4. 36-Day Long-Lasting Battery Life: Carry the fascia gun with you without worrying about running out of power.

5. 6mm Deep Amplitude: Reach deep into your muscles for effective relief and relaxation.

6. SPA-like Skin Care: Enhance your massage experience by using massage oils that work in synergy with the fascia gun's vibrations, providing soothing relief and nourishment to your skin. Accelerate the penetration of essential oils into the subcutaneous layer, promoting the breakdown of lactic acid for greater comfort. Additionally, it helps improve meridian flow and alleviate fatigue.

Targeted Massage Areas:

- Legs: Alleviate soreness caused by prolonged sitting.

- Hands: Relieve muscle tension and fatigue.

- Neck and Spine: Ease neck and cervical discomfort.

Product Description

Product model: MG-203

Maximum power: 25W

Physical pulse: 6mm

Charging voltage: 5V

Power supply mode: Type-C charging

Product size: 13.8*12.6*4.1cm

Product weight: about 410g

Gear adjustment: 6 gears

Number of massage heads: 4