• electric ceramic stove
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OCOOKER Electric Induction Cooker

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RM 329.00
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RM 329.00
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RM 499.00
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3 Months warranty 

Xiaomi OCOOKER Electric Induction Cooker Smart Electric Oven Kitchen Cooktop Hot Pot Precise Control Cookers Hob Cooker

* The electric ceramic stove is suitable for a variety of high temperature resistant pans, which is flexible and convenient.


* Which not only boils water quickly, but also has its own insulation function.


* No high-frequency radiation, suitable for pregnant women and the elderly.


* 20 mode Speed control 80 ℃ -280 ℃, and temperature prompt.


* Energy-gathering double ring has a large 2000W firepower, and cooking is particularly fast. 


* Integrated microcrystalline panel, easier cleaning.


* Timing function


* Double protection, High temperature safety reminder.