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EraClean Refrigerator Odor Eliminator

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1 Months warranty 

Environmental pure Air Fridge Food Shelf Life Extender & Fridge Odor Eliminator

* Multi-scene Usage: Clean room smell, deodorize wardrobe and shoe cabinet, car deodorize, disinfect toys, etc.

* Feature 1: Active oxygen(Ozone) & aion double eliminates the odors in refrigerator. Antibacterial materialfor the whole machine.

* Feature 2: Small and compact, it does not take up much space and can be hung for use ( equipped with buckle).

* Feature 3: Anti-freeze and moisture-proof design, can be used as low as minus 30 degrees.

* Feature 4: Type-C charging, 3000mAh polymer lithium battery, 60 days long endurance.

Delays the ripening of fruits and vegetables by oxidizing ethylene gas, the hormone that stimulates ripening in many fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Rated power: 3W

Rated voltage: 5VDC

Rated current: 1A

Battery capacity: 3000mAh

Battery life:

1. Deep Deodorization Mode: 48H

2. Fresh-Keeping Mode: 60 days

Charging time: 4H

N.W: 0.18kg