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Aqara Automatic Cat Eye Smart Door Lock H100 Zigbee /Body/Light Sensor NFC Bluetooth Fingerprint Unlock Via Homekit & Aq

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It will not only open a door, but also open a whole family intelligent life,

Bring more imagination to the intelligent life of the whole house

Let you easily open the future home

Automatic lock body

Automatic unlocking and automatic locking.

The drive device is embedded in the lock body,

greatly improving the response speed of the lock body

*Fingerprint unlocking

*Password unlocking

* Temporary password unlocking

*NFC unlocking

*HomeKit unlock

*Emergency key unlocking

Smart cat's eye.

HD camera

*1080P ultra clear, ultra wide angle, specially designed camera,

so that the situation outside the door can be seen at a glance

*When the light sensor detects that the environment is dark,

it automatically turns on the 940nm invisible infrared fill light,

so that it can be easily seen in the dark environment

*When the human body sensor detects that someone has stayed-

at the door for too long, it will automatically record the video-

clip and push it to the mobile phone, so that you can check-

the abnormal situation at the first time and improve the safety


Remote monitoringIt can be viewed remotely,

and can also talk in real time.Through mobile app,

you can make a direct video call with the visitors in front of the door

to confirm their identity.

*Automatically on

When someone approaches,

the electronic doorbell lights

up automatically to guide clicking.

*Streamlight effect Make it clear whether each operation is su