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TOKIT Omni Cook

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RM 2,799.00
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RM 2,799.00
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RM 4,999.00
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TOKIT Omni Cook: Your Smart Home Chef 

1 year seller warranty

Making healthy, gourmet meals has never been easier.

Start your day with great taste! Whether you are a seasoned chef or a beginner in cooking, TOKIT Omni Cook enables you to prepare your meals easier, efficiently and exciting than ever! The smart cooker features 21 powerful culinary functions with simple step-by-step digital recipes to automate the cooking process, ensuring every meal comes out perfect, every time.

Small, but Mighty

Featuring a clever compact design that easily fit into any kitchen, TOKIT Omni Cook can hold up to a large capacity of 2.2 L, applies for the entire family. Thanks to the integrated 21 smart functions, it easily replace an entire cabinet of cooking gadgets and gizmos.

A Variety of operating modus, make the culinary process easy and simple.

A high-precision food scale allows real-time weight measurement when ingredients are placed in.

A self-cleaning program completes every cooking perfectly, clean!

Intuitive Touch Display

TOKIT Omni Cook provides a quick and easy interactive design via an integrated 7-inch touchscreen display. Tweak your favorite dishes with a touch on your fingertips!

The screen adapts to a proper ergonomic standing angle, with flexible adjustment of ambient brightness.

Automated Cooking via Tailor-made Recipes

TOKIT Omni Cook imitates the culinary process with its tailor-made guided system, assigning every delicious taste a unique “Recipe”. With time, temperature, process all set preliminarily, all you need is to put the ingredients in the pot, then wait for your favorite dishes to be served.

Not Sure What to Make? Get Inspired Online!

TOKIT Omni Cook provides all-time access to a Cloud Recipe Database with a single tap on the screen. Stay connected via WIFI, you always have something new to try!